Write a Function.
Push It.

The Python Framework for Small Apps

# main.py
def arkhos_handler(request):
    return arkhos.json({
      "greeting": f"Hello {request.GET.get('name')}!"

$ git add main.py
$ git push arkhos
$ curl "https://my-first-app.arkhosapp.com?name=Wally"
  "greeting": "Hello Wally!"

Write functions. Push functions. Let Arkhos worry about everything else.

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Batteries Included

Run with API or Cron

Run your code by URL, API, or set it to run regularly from the Arkhos web UI

Arkhos Global

Save state with Arkhos Global, a simple and fast key/value store

arkhos.set("last_update", now())


PostgreSQL built in for when you need the power of a database

db_url = arkhos.env("DATABASE_URL")
con = psycopg2.connect(db_url)

Email and Text

Send emails or text messages with zero setup

arkhos.email("[email protected]", "Site status is 200", subject="Status Update")
arkhos.sms("555-555-5555", "Site status is 200")

File Storage

Read, write, and append to files on Arkos' global file system


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